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Chaps Sizing and Ordering

Each pair of chaps is hand cut and sewn exclusively for you so careful accurate measurements are essential in order to get a good fit. The chaps must fit over whatever clothing and gear you will be wearing under them, so measurements should be taken with these items on. If for example you wear high boots, the calf measurement should be over the boots and pants. If you always have a wallet in your pocket, or wear long johns, account for these as well. Since bending over to measure your legs usually distorts the measurements, it is prudent to get an assistant to take your measurements. Use a cloth tape, not a steel carpenter’s tape, yard stick or other non flexible measuring devise. If you don’t have a cloth tape, use a belt or strap ,and measure it against a yard stick or steel tape after you have marked the distance. Measure twice. The tape should not be held tight around the leg, but rather lose and comfortable as you would like the chaps to fit. Measure both standing and seated and record the larger number. The chaps will be sewn to the size you give. If the finished chaps are too loose, it is possible to tailor them to a smaller size. They cannot, on the other hand, be made larger if they're too small! If you have special needs, like one leg larger than the other, explain this in the “comments” section on the ordering page, or call in your order.

As shown in the diagram, the “thigh” is the largest circumference around the very top of the leg. Measure both standing and seated and record the larger number. The calf is the meatiest part of the lower leg below the knee. The knees on Colorado Chaps are pleated and preformed for the seated position, therefore don’t add a few inches to the inseam length thinking the chaps will “hike up” when you sit...they shouldn’t. “Inseam” is measured on a well fitting pair of pants. Not wearing the pants, lay them on a flat surface and measure along the inner seam from the crotch where the two pant legs come together, to the hem of the pants. There is some adjustably in the belt attachment strap up and down, but getting these numbers accurate will ensure a great fit and that is after all the joy of getting custom work!

Colorado Chaps are guaranteed for fit and workmanship. If you don’t like the fit, send them back with a detailed description of what needs to be adjusted along with shipping and contact information. You may return un ridden chaps for an exchange or refund. It is important to us that you like your chaps and get many years of riding out of them. Repairs can only be made on clean, washed chaps. Call to confirm that the repair is possible. We’ll take care of you

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Shipping in the USA
Unless otherwise requested, all chaps are mailed USPS Priority mail to a postal address. Shipping is $25.00 for the first pair and $10.00 each addition . Group and large order discounts may be offered by request. Call

International shipping
E-mail us with your location and desired product for a price quote

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