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Hi Lorna,

If you remember me I am the one who several months ago ordered the Chaps for a trip I and a  buddy (Dan) were taking to Alaska to hunt. Actually, Dan ordered a pair after I told him how much I liked mine. Anyway, we were in country that had lots of wet alders, bogs and everything else that is nasty and uncomfortable. We put on well over 100 miles in the week we were there on horseback riding through all this stuff as trails were pretty nonexistent. The chaps were terrific at keeping our legs dry  and cushioned form the scrapping and tearing of the alders and kept our clothes from being torn apart. I had to wade into a bog to help free a mule that had gotten stuck and was in mud and water up to my knees. Amazingly my legs never got wet even though I was in that stuff for almost 10 minutes. They definitely helped keep me warm on the cold mornings with lots of dew dripping off everything and were extremely comfortable both in the saddle and walking. Originally I did not know if I would like the Velcro strap feature (compared to the traditional belt of leather chaps or chinks) but ended up really liking it as it made it very easy to put the chaps on and off. Do not be surprised if you get a bunch of orders coming from Alaska as all the wranglers and guides were hoping we would leave ours with them. Not a chance.

JL  Bozeman MT (09/2011)

Hi,Last Sunday I took off early morning to ride my bike 150 miles to see some friends. I was dressed in your chaps over jeans.

When I was about 20 mile out a deer walked out in the middle of the freeway, I did not see the deer until I was close upon him. The deer was startled by my pipes and I could tell he was gathering muscles to jump, but I didn't know which way he would go, I laid the bike down on the black top at 65 miles an hour rather than hit the deer sitting right side up.

As my bike skidded away I watched it go from ground level as I skidded down the highway on my left side, the bike throwing up sparks came to a stop about fifty feet away.

As I slowed I rolled and bounced on the black top. I am suffering from road rash on my arms and hands, although I had on a leather coat and thick leather gloves, but no damage whatsoever to my legs the chaps were covering.

On later examination of the chaps, I found where they had gotten so hot in the skid that the threads were actually fused together in one spot.

I can't thank you enough for making my chaps for me. Even though the leather coat and gloves were thick and did not tear, my arms are still a bloody mess. Your chaps worked wonders to protect my hips and legs.

DB  (7-2011)

I ordered the ballistic motorcycle chaps with kevlar heat shields and  fleece liner. I am a motor officer in Florida. And was looking for something to wear during the colder months in north Florida that was compatible with my uniform and duty belt.   

My chaps arrived within a week of ordering and in time to test them out. We have had a week af temperatures with lows around 20  degrees and warming up to only 40 degrees by afternoon.

My chaps fit  perfectly. The craftsmanship and quality of the  material is top notch. The chaps do a great job at keeping my legs warm. The velcro straps used as opposed to a belt is a great idea. This allows me to attach them without taking off my duty belt and readjusting the buckle. It also keeps all of my tools of the trade easily accessible.

Everyone who has seen them has asked where I got them and we will be trying to possibly get them for the entire unit. I highly recommend your product to anyone who is hardcore and rides in inclement weather.

Lorna , thank you for taking the time to answer my questions by phone before I placed my order. MM, Florida (01/2010)

Lorna, I just wanted to let you know I got the chaps today. They are superb. They fit so well it's like you measured me. I'm always leery of ordering any type of clothing on the web for just that reason...when you get em they might not fit. Not so with these. I'm sure when my riding buddies see these in the Spring they're gonna want to know where I got em. I'll sing your praises. Thanks again Steve, California (01/09)

I am thrilled to be riding in comfort with your Heavy Duty lined Cordura chaps! They are easy to put on and take off and I arrive at work feeling great. You have an excellent product, fit, and customer service. Best regards, Jose A. Florida (2/2008)

Cold-Weather Testing Fleece-Lined Chaps
Blog from

Saturday was very cold, so of course I went for a ride. Three rides, actually.

Cold weather was what I wanted because I had just received a new pair of fleece-lined chaps and I wanted to try them out. Here’s the full disclosure.

Lorna Reed, over in Palisade, had contacted me awhile back to inquire about advertising on the Passes and Canyons website. Lorna, through her company, Colorado Chaps, makes and sells chaps for bikers, horsemen, and anyone else who wants them. Long story short, she offered to make and give me a pair if I would try them out and then write about them in this blog. Mine to keep, regardless of whether I liked them or not, but she’d prefer if I didn't write about them if I didn’t like them. Lorna was confident I would like them, however, and her confidence was well placed. I definitely give them a recommendation.

» read the entire story at:

Dear Lorna: My new chaps arrived last Saturday and I had the opportunity to use them Sunday morning while riding to work. They have turned out to be extremely comfortable, easy to put on and take off and the properties are exactly what I expected and wanted. I appreciate your expeditious service in providing me with such as high quality product at a reasonable price- in fact, I believe they are worth more than your advertised price. Anyone in the market for nylon chaps would be wasting their time looking elsewhere. Thank you again and when these wear out, I will be back in touch with you. Sincerely JS, Texas (09/2008)

Wow, Thanks for the great service and the speed you did this order in, I really appreciate it. They fit my wife just great, as soon as we return from this trip, I think I may order a pair for myself. CR, Idaho 6/08

Hello, I just received my nylon motorcycle chaps today, and I wanted to comment on the workmanship and overall design of your product. The overall design is flawless, it's a versatile design that is cut perfectly to fit over your primary garment. Straight up it is a pair of chaps, its a no-brainer. Where these stand apart is in the extra attention to rider comfort in mind. These chaps are soft but tough, durable, water resistant, and most importantly warm. As soon as I put these chaps on I noticed that my legs were getting warmed up. The fleece lining is an awesome idea to promote warmth and comfort. On a scale from 1-10 I would have to rate these an 11. These motorcycle chaps are great. Thanks FB, Hawaii (05/2008)

Lorna.. These chaps are AWESOME! I am beyond impressed. I was always uncomfortable in traditional leather chaps mainly because the belt falls where a man's hips do and don't fit a woman's hips well. By having them attach to a belt instead, the comfort is much improved. Thank you for getting these to me so quickly, thank you for your quality product and thank you for being willing to customize them to my needs and comfort. You RAWK! LC 4/07

Subject: Your chaps helped save my life. Date: May 3, 2008

I was in an wreck on my motorcycle Wednesday, April 30. I was wearing all my gear: Full helmet, armored textile jacket, gauntlet leather gloves, steel toes boots, and a pair of your HD motorcycle chaps with the leather piping and knee armor.

In rush hour on our outer belt on a heavy part of town, traffic was slowing to look at an accident on the other side of the highway. I was braking on my Honda VTX1300R and was down to about 45 when the van in front of me hit the brakes hard. I started on the rear brake and it locked quicker than expected. As well, I was on a strip of patch tar, and the bike instantly laid down on the right side. I separated from the bike and it continued to slide about 100ft and hit the rear of the van. I slid and tumbled and rolled and bounced down the highway about 75 ft myself.

My family was actually following me to a bike night event, so my wife saw it all happen, but was able to stop and block traffic be behind me in that lane. Next to her was a EMT chief in his work SUV and he hit his lights and blocked the two lanes to my right, stopping all traffic from my lane to the right.

I was actually able to get up and walk off the highway. All my gear but the gloves is trashed. The chaps wore and melted some, but never tore and the knee armor did its job. The Levis I was wearing under them have a 1x2" patch of melted black on them, but not even a scuff.. I have a abrasion on my right knee, but it's friction only and not enough to make the spot red. My elbow got a cherry, and I have a scuff on my lower back. My wrist is a possible fracture, but I'll know more on Monday when they re-xray it. My body is sore, black and purple all over but I'll heal.

I have told as many people as possible about what I was wearing and why I survived the accident as well as I have. And your chaps were a great part of that. As soon as possible, I plan to replace them, and also this time get a pair for my wife before she starts riding with me after the bike is fixed.

And next time I'll take the back roads during rush hour. :) Thank you for your great product.

Sean K.,

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